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The structural restoration contractors at CSG have extensive experience in the maintenance, restoration and repair of concrete & parking structures.

Horizontal structures, such as parking structures, concrete flooring, plaza systems and tunnels, give visitors their first impression of your business. These structures have a significant effect on your facilities appearance and functionality. Proper restoration and maintenance is essential in order for you to protect and preserve your capital investments ensuring the maximum return on investment.

Our Structural Restoration Contractors specialize in Concrete and Structural Restoration Services

Structural restoration is the process of restoring horizontal concrete structures. This type of restoration encompasses the protection, rehabilitation, and/or replacement of damaged or deteriorated structural elements or other components. Restoration procedures may include steel and concrete rehabilitation, partial or full-depth concrete replacement, post-tensioning repair, and carbon fiber installation. Improvements to waterproofing systems include joint sealants, traffic bearing coatings, concrete sealers, and expansion joints.


Construction Services Group (CSG), specializes in restoration projects and provides best-in-class structural concrete restoration services. We bring decades of experience to any restoration project ensuring it is completed according to plan and will last for years to come.


Our Capabilities

Complete Structural Restoration

Below Grade Waterproofing

Concrete Restoration

Crack Sealing & Repair

Foundation Repair

Exterior Waterproofing

Post-Tension Repair

Precast Repair

Joint Sealant Repair

Materials Testing

Expansion Joint Installation & Repair

Coating Applications

Full Slab Replacement

Structural Strengthening

Temporary Shoring

Horizontal Restoration

Structure Types

Parking Structures

   • Precast/Pre-Stressed

   • Post-Tension

   • Conventionally Reinforced

   • Steel-Framed

   • Hybrids


Plaza Decks

   • Pedestrian

   • Vehicular

   • Landscaped

   • Combination

Below Grade



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