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Warranty Renewal Program

Restore Your Roof. Renew Your Warranty. Regain Peace of Mind.

We will assess your existing roofs, develop a program to restore watertight integrity, and renew your warranty for an additional five to ten years depending on the roof system.

If your roof is not currently under warranty or is nearing warranty expiration, we've got you covered...

Your roof is one of your organization's biggest investments and the first line of defense in protecting the critical components that facilitate daily business operations. While most commercial roofs are designed to last from 20-40 years, a manufacturer's warranty typically lasts only 15-20 years. StructureTec Group offers a renewed warranty that can extend the life of your roof for an additional 10+ years depending on the roofing system.

How  It Works

Single Ply, Metal Roof Assembly, Modified Bitumen, and Built Up Roof systems that are nearing warranty expiration or are not currently under warranty by a manufacturer will go through an in-depth field inspection and laboratory testing of materials to determine viability of roof life/warranty extension.

The Program

We will prepare a program, ranging from 2-10 years, that includes the following:

Year 1
StructureTec and CSG will develop and complete a remedial solution to meet warranty standards

Year 2
StructureTec will conduct a warranty audit inspection and complete any necessary repairs

Lifelong Preventative Maintenance Program
StructureTec and CSG will perform annual preventative maintenance for the life of the roof, ensuring full return on investment


The Benefits

By utilizing our warranty renewal program, you will gain peace of mind, knowing that your roof is covered. We offer best-in-industry warranty coverage, extending the life of your roof for an additional 10+ years. Among the many benefits of our warranty renewal program are performance enhancement, cost predictability, and significant capital deferral.

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