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Northwestern Memorial Health, Marianjoy  is a nonprofit teaching hospital in Wheaton, Illinois, dedicated to the delivery of physical medicine and rehabilitation programs for children and adults.

Project Details

Location: Wheaton, IL

Category: Roof Restoration &
                 Warranty Renewal Program

StructureTec Group was engaged to perform an evaluation of the roof system servicing a busy patient care area of the campus. Once the evaluation was complete, it was evident that the leaks were occurring due to numerous material deficiencies. The cap sheet of the Modified Bitumen roof system was rapidly eroding, leaving the system susceptible to UV degradation. In addition, there were blisters, seam failures, and fishmouths allowing moisture to infiltrate the system.

Warranty Renewal Program Saves Marianjoy $1,000,000

It was recommended that a full roof replacement be performed which would cost in excess of $1,000,000, which hospital management had not budgeted for. Hospital management wanted a way to fix the problems and maximize the life of the existing roof without exceeding the available funds for the project. A plan was needed quickly, because if the deficiencies were not addressed soon, there would be no other option other than total roof replacement.


Building Products Group, a StructureTec group subsidiary, offered the Warranty Renewal Program as a solution that could extend roof life for less than 100k. As part of the Warranty Renewal Program, a custom solution would be designed to restore the watertight integrity of the roof system. A 10 year warranty would then be issued, ensuring the building owner’s protection for years to come.


Hospital management decided that the Warranty Renewal Program would best suit their needs and budget. The project was turned over to Construction Services Group, a StructureTec Group subsidiary, to execute the work which included: wet insulation replacement, blister repair, seam repair, and application of an aluminized coating system.


Through the Warranty Renewal Program, Marianjoy Hospital was able to extend their roof life, achieve a new 10 year system warranty, and save over $1,000,000.

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