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Emergency Leak Repair

Construction Services Group's (CSG) Emergency Leak Response program provides facility managers with quality and timely leak repairs. Our 24/7 ELR number, 1-888-STOP-LEAK (888-786-7532), is available to clients to help them fully protect their facility.


Process: When an Emergency Leak is received, CSG first reviews all information to determine:


- If it is a current StructureTec project

- If StructureTec was involved in original project

- The material manufacturer

- Original installing contractor

- If the system is under warranty


If the system is under warranty or is a current StructureTec project, CSG will work with the contractor and/or manufacturer to have the leak repaired at no cost to the owner. If the system is not under warranty, the ELR team will repair the leak.


Emergency Roof Leaks

Building Envelope Leaks

Concrete/Parking Structure
Emergency Repairs

Commercial Emergency Roof Leak Repair



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