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Construction Services GroupSM (CSG) is a tier one roofing, building envelope and structural restoration contractor. With more than two decades of experience in facility restoration and maintenance, our skilled technicians are equipped to effectively address the weatherproofing deficiencies of your facility. Our unique value-added management process and allied StructureTec companies, allows for us to provide the best possible solution for your facility.

Safety Policy

Construction Services Group (CSG) is committed to creating a safe work environment for our staff, clients and communities. Our safety team is OSHA approved and  is devoted to staying ahead of potential accidents through extensive safety training and continuous education on safety policies and procedures. Our training includes the completion of personal safety plans and job hazard analysis. This process ensures that our employees are well equipped to handle hazardous situations on the job site.


CSG is affiliated with many professional organizations in the construction and restoration industry. Click here to view our professional affiliations.

Guarantees & Warranties

CSG provides best-in-class material warranties and all work is protected under 2, 5 or 10 year industry leading workmanship guarantees.


CSG is fully insured with construction and general umbrella coverage that exceeds industry standards providing maximum protection for our clients and employees.

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