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Subject to constant changes in weather, the roof is your facilities most vulnerable asset, yet also one of your most vulnerable. The roof bears the burden of protecting your building from extreme hot and cold temperatures as well as wind, snow, sleet and hail.

The roofing contractors at CSG have extensive experience in the maintenance, restoration and replacement of all roofing types.

Our Roofing Contractors specialize in Commercial Roofing, Including Roof Repair, Roof Restoration, and Roof Replacement.

Construction Services Group (CSG) specializes in all roof types including: metal roof systems, built-up roofing, modified-bitumen, single-ply, and green roof technologies.

We take pride in utilizing tried-and-proven practices and procedures to guarantee a quality end product. Our technicians are trained on all major roof systems and bring decades of experience to every project. Our goal is to extend the service life of your existing roofs as long as possible and then, when replacement is necessary, to ensure that you receive the highest quality roof possible.

CSG is also able to work closely with Building Products Group, a specialty building products manufacturer that is part of StructureTec Group. This relationship allows for clients to receive custom materials quickly, ensuring the quality and timeliness of the project.

Our Capabilities

Commercial Roofing

Roof Restoration

Roof Replacement

Roof Maintenance & Repair

Roof Coating Applications

Emergency Roof Repairs

Warranty Renewal

Leak Investigation

Roof Leak Repairs

Preventative Maintenance

Non-Destructive Moisture Surveys

Roof Types

Built-Up Roof Systems

   • Asphalt

   • Coal Tar

Single-Ply Roof Systems

   • EPDM

   • PVC

   • TPO

Modified-Bitumen Roof Systems

   • APP

   • SBS

Metal Roof Assembly

Green Roof Systems

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