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Juno Lighting

Juno Lighting Group is a leading manufacturer of lighting fixtures and related products. Since 1976, they have been serving customers throughout North America, including electrical distributors, lighting showrooms, contractors, architects, engineers, lighting designers and commercial facilities.

Project Details

Location: Chicago, IL

Category: Building Exterior Restoration

Juno Lighting Group's precast concrete structure was showing signs of aging and in need of upgrades. In addition, moisture intrusion was contributing to interior water stains on ceiling tiles and drywall. Unsure of the capital requirements that it would take to get the building in good standing, Juno Lighting Group contacted StructureTec to perform a detailed analysis of their building envelope.

A Design-Build Solution

StructureTec performed an in-depth survey of the exterior condition and laid out a prioritized four year asset management program. Utilizing the four year asset management program, Juno Lighting Group was able to plan for and obtain funding to complete the work required to restore the watertight integrity of the facility.


In order to fast-track the repairs to the building exterior, Juno Lighting Group opted to use StructureTec's Premier Engineered Systems, a design-build project delivery method. Construction Services Group routed and epoxy injected the cracks within the concrete, removed and replaced sealants and joints, and patched spalled concrete. CSG also applied a high-end elastomeric coating to the exterior walls to ensure the building exterior was watertight. In addition to weatherproofing the building, the elastomeric coating improved the overall aesthetic of the building as well.


Having StructureTec work so closely with Construction Services Group ensured a high-end, quality product that exceeded Juno Lighting Group's expectations.

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