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The building restoration contractors at CSG have extensive experience in masonry restoration, facade rehabilitation, concrete restoration, and restoring all other aspects of the building exterior.

The building envelope is your facilities first line of defense. Although often not on the top of your to-do list, maintaining and restoring outdated and deteriorated building envelope systems is essential in order to protect your products, equipment and employees. Our restoration contractors are equipped to handle any type of building exterior.

Our Building Restoration Team Specializes in the Repair & Restoration of Building Facades

The building envelope is much more than just a roof. The roof is a vital part of the system, but there are other building features that play a vital role in maintaining weatherproof integrity. These features include: walls, joints, flashings, openings (windows, doors, etc.), and water protection systems. All of these features need to be in good working condition in order to keep your facility weatherproof.


Construction Services Group (CSG) is a tier one restoration contractor. We are the leader in the industry for strengthening and restoring structures. Our technicians approach all projects with a total commitment to identifying the cause of the problem and then proceeding with the proper remediation techniques, ensuring total client satisfaction.

Our Capabilities

Masonry Restoration

Historic Restoration

Facade Restoration

Tuck Pointing

Brick Replacement

Lintel Repair

Limestone Repair

Sealant Replacement

Terra Cotta Repair

Precast Wall Repair

Building Coatings

Brick Restoration

Stone Restoration

Masonry Cleaning

Masonry Repairs

Dispute Resolution

Window Replacement

Structural Wall Restoration

Building Restoration


Restoration of Architectural Detailing

Masonry Rehabilitation

Metal Cladding Repair

Facade Types



Terra Cotta

Pre-Cast Concrete

Tiles & Stone Veneer


Curtain Walls

Pre-Cast Concrete

Metal Cladding

Window Systems

Historic Restoration


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